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First, in Latin, means " Prior". Back in 2004, based on to be the first in its industry, dental clinic " Prior" was created for all those who care and attentive to their health, in particular - to the health and beauty of your smile, so - and teeth!

Our clinic has a place of specialized clinics of the city and the region, and for 10 years provides for the highest standards of diagnosis and all kinds of dental treatments under the supervision of the chief doctor Igor Yanovich Matusiak .

Modern building clinic became an adornment of Vinnitsa and replacement of fixed assets, including one of the most informative scanners (not only to diagnose dental, but ENT disease), there is a guarantee that healthy teeth is not just a fantasy, but reality.

The main priorities:

  • professional and Individual approach to treatment;
  • a guarantee of security of every patients;
  • rehabilitation of patients in challenging clinical cases using combined treatment (using surgical, orthopedic, orthodontiс, therapeutic methods based on modern achievements in diagnosis and control);
  • training hygiene;
  • widespread implementation in practice of preventive hygienic examination of patients according to pathology.

Dental clinic "Prior" - thousands of happy patients who give their happy smiles around. We will be glad to welcome you to our clinic!