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30 may
Braces or Invizalign?

 It is so important today to have a beautiful smile! White, straight teeth give yourself confidence, and therefore a person become more successful and makes a good impression.

  But not everyone is perfect, and then we use traditional braces, or the Invisalign aligners. Both correct position of the teeth and correct bite. Each of them has its own characteristics .

   The main advantage of braces - it is suitable for correcting any clinical situations, even the most difficult. Treatment is aimed at correction braces as aesthetic and functional needs of the patient.

Initially invented by Edward Engel American orthodontist, braces were quite cumbersome and even dangerous to the health of the patient. But over time, they upgraded, and today there is a whole fashion for braces. Orthodontist doctor after consultation can choose for each individually suitable braces.

    Unlike braces Invizalign appeared recently. It has a huge advantage in convenience and aesthetics, can be easily removed and do not cause allergic reactions. Not limiting themselves to eating habits, oral hygiene, as well as the freedom to smile, treatment lasts about 9-18 months. These aligners are easy to use and do not violate it. But they are not suitable for all clinical situations .