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About clinic

Since February 2004, the doctors of Dental Clinic Prior in the city of Vinnytsya have been providing necessary assistance for people who are faced with various dental diseases and problems.

The main priorities:

- Professional and Individual approach to treatment

- A guarantee of security for every patients

- Rehabilitation of patients in challenging clinical cases using combined treatment (using surgical, orthopedic, orthodontiс, therapeutic methods based on modern achievements in diagnosis and control)

- Hygiene tutoring

-Widespread implementation in practice of preventive hygienic examination of patients according to pathology.

Our specialists solve easy clinical problems as well as the most difficult ones.

Use of modern dental equipment gives opportunity to doctors to choose effective ways of our patient's problems solutions.

Main activity is surgery and implantation. It allows patients with substantial defects of dentitions to do without removable prosthesis, not to use healthy teeth as a support for prostheses, and to restore single defects without damaging the integrity of adjacent teeth. New teeth preserve operations are being carried out using new tecniques of dental surgery which gives us opportunity to extand life and function of teeth which may be extracted in case of other treatment to be applied. To create the most favorable conditions for the prosthesis, we carry pre-surgical preparation of bone base and soft tissue: surgery of jaws bone grafting, grafting of soft tissue of oral cavity and bone grafting periodontal pockets due to periodontal disease.

Our clinic has a team of qualified professionals - a friendly team which cooperates with dental chairs and a research laboratory of Vinnytsya National Medical University, Institute for advanced dental technology - Kyiv, BPI. Biologically-physical implants - Germany. On the basis of our clinic teaching of students of the Faculty of Dentistry Department of surgery is held in Vinnitsya. We cooperate with numerous dental centers of the region, of Ukraine, as well as with leading European clinics.

Only the specialist who is armed with knowledge, experience, advanced equipment and materials, can provide the necessary assistance to the patient. This kind of assistance we give you in the clinic Prior in Vinnytsya city, which is in compration with other numerous dental offices and centers offers our patients a greater range of dental services, and, which is the most important, ensures the quality and safety of attendance!