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Every patient who comes to the dental clinic is asking himself the question whether it is safe here?

Realizing the importance of this issue we solve these problems in the following ways:

  1. In our clinic equipment advanced producers (Italy, Germany, Japan) is used. Dental units are equipped with an automatic disinfection system, saliva ejector vacuum cleaner with disposable tips. The equipment is certified and meets European and international requirements regarding safety.
  2. Manipulations carried out by specialists who have certificates, experience and continually improve their skills by attending conferences and workshops.
  3. Methods of prevention of infections:
  • All staff held regular prophylactic examinations;
  • Daily performed 3-times cleaning and disinfection of surfaces studies;
  • Surfaces dental units disinfected before each patient;
  • disposable materials and means for receiving patient are used(gloves, masks, breastplates wipes, shoe covers, saliva ejector, etc.);
  • All manipulation tools are pre-sterilization treatment and disinfection special means, then are paced in bags for sterilization using special equipment, which are equipped with indicators of the quality control of sterilization;
  • Sterilization is held in Sterilising oven (autoclave) at t 135C, at full vacuum. Sensors monitoring autoclave automatically regulate and control parameters of pressure and temperature necessary for reliable sterilization;
  • Sterile instruments are stored in the cabinet in a closet with bactericidal irradiation;
  • Department of SES taken sterile instruments for research, quality control, sterilization, and then issued appropriate conclusion;
  • The clinic is equipped with modern system of air-conditioning and ventilation, and air conditioning, each room is disinfected with modern germicidal lamps that operate continuously and are absolutely safe for those present.