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Guarantees in dentistry


Often when dealing with the patient's doctor hears the question: "And what guarantee your treatment?" Trying to compare a guarantee in medicine with conventional safeguards are provided when purchasing consumer goods - is not entirely correct. Reason is simple - human biology. Reaction of the organism, even a properly
treatment given, different people may be different.


In medicine, any treatment has a Forecast.  Forecast - is a statistical measurement of the ratio of successful treatment to fail, in close connection with the general state of the organism. It is the term doctors operate. Based on it the doctor gives him a guarantee on the outcome of treatment. According to Ukrainian law precisely outcomes fall under the warranty. Treatment process, the types of interventions and techniques which do not fall under either legally-certain warranties, and depend only on the professionalism of the doctor, internal corporate policies honey.
institutions regarding sterilization, disinfection, material and technical support.

Warranty - is the financial responsibility of medical institutions to the patient for a free removal of possible shortcomings of the service provided (treatment). Warranty and safe use of the results of treatment is usually associated with some conditions, often with periodic preventive inspections and occupational health. It is a standard in the world of dentistry.
">Also inspections required primarily to the patient.

Can a doctor who has assumed a guarantee to abandon free deficiencies? By law - yes, if the patient is penalized for a foul warranty conditions, where typically the first item - a visit to the doctor every six months, and the second is adequate oral hygiene, etc. This is not an attempt to remove the dentist responsibility, and the conditions in which you can use that makes the doctor. You do not question the need to replace the oil in your car or periodic maintenance program? Mistake to think that once solved the problems at the dentist, you can forget about a doctor for decades. Dentist, even using modern technology does nothing eternal.

What criteria govern the determination of the warranty on the ongoing manipulation or treatment?

- The first is to conduct proper and timely health care product.

- The second condition - the turnout in the inspection and monitoring of hygiene at least 2 times a year.

- The third condition of providing long-term security - a full course of treatment and prosthetics, according to the treatment plan. To put it more precisely - you can not give a guarantee on the seal, if the mouth is missing half of the teeth.

If you adhere to these terms - the warranty period may be razed term operation, and tens of years.

Example. Average life PFM crown - 8 years. Complaints can not be 15 years, but that does not mean that the crown and the tooth, are in original condition. Wear design change bite, cement resorption - it can evaluate only a doctor. In the absence of control by the doctor instead of time spent replacing or small design changes we need to obtain the removal of the abutment teeth and a long expensive treatment.

Guided forecasts and modern treatment protocols using new technologies in our clinic, the following warranty terms if the terms of the guarantee executed by the patient:



Type of Warranty Periods 

"Prior" Ukrainian legislation 

Restoration of composite           ______ 6 - 12 months. 



Metal-ceramic crown, bridge       ______ 12 months. 


Metal-free crowns, dentures        ______ 12 months.



Veneers, inlays, onlays ______ 12 months.



Clasp prosthesis ______ 12 months.


Plate denture ______ 12 months.