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In our clinic, we offer the following Ro- diagnosis
1. Ortopantomogramma Digital ( panoramic image ) . Diagnostic snapshot of all the teeth, is used to diagnose the general condition of the teeth- jaw system .
2 . Intraoral radiovisiography ( aimed shot) . It is used for the diagnosis, monitoring, analysis changes or pathology in a tooth, periodontal tissues.
3 . Picture TMJ . Use for diagnosis, evaluation of changes in the joint.
4 . Snapshot wrist. It is used by Orthodontist used to determine the so-called " Bone age " of the patient.




1. Electric pulp test .

 Determination of the clinical condition of the tooth pulp .

Lack of sensitivity in the tooth, unfortunately, does not always tell about its health . If the nerve in the tooth was lost - there is a high risk that subsequently about this tooth grow cyst. This diagnosis helps to discover quickly this condition and we can prevent negative consequences by treating channels in this tooth. This method is also used in tooth injury when the vitality of the tooth pulp may also be damaged. A patient feeling a twingle toothache, can not always say exactly what is wrong with his tooth due to its diffuse nature. Sometimes the pain radiates to the opposite jaw (it seems that the upper tooth is paining, while bottom one is a real reaso). Not only spoiled tooth can pain, but also previously sealed up one. This method allows to determine a causative tooth and to treat exactly tooth which pains .


2 . X-ray diagnostics.

 Despite the emergence of new technologies, X-ray diagnostics remains not only relevant, but in many cases the only possible method of diagnosis. Over the last 10 years there has been a redistribution of roles between different types of research. Old classic radiology has lost its position. Modern X-ray diagnostics has not only better quality, but is safe also.

We are talking about digital radiography .

Its advantages in our clinic :

- Fast image acquisition in a larger size on the screen in the X-ray room and in your doctor 's office for a few seconds ;

- Increased research diagnostic information (programs which we use provides this) - measurement of channel length, negative - positive, changes in definition and contrast , etc.

For both the patient and the physician, the reduction of 90 % -95 % is essential due to the reduction of exposure ( exposure time ), because the sensor has high sensitivity characteristics in comparison with the film. For example , X-ray load at the digital panoramic images equated to 10 days of work with regular computer . Such a high level of safety has been achieved thanks to the invention and improvement of modern Ro- detector devices that are more susceptible to the rays than film.


3 . Measurement of channel length.

It is carried out for the canal filling to the top of the peg exactly root holes that prevents non-sufficient sealing or, on the contrary, excessive leakage of filling material in juxtahilar tissue (maxillary sinus, mandibular canal, etc.). The research is conducted using an instrument Apex locator controlled x-ray image.


 4 . Diagnostic model jaws.

A more precise study of the state of the teeth- jaw system allows to diagnosis accurately, to simulate future design on wax, taking into account all the wishes of the patient.