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How to make a dazzling smile
In our time, a beautiful smile is one of the keys to the success of modern man, it adds confidence and helps in communication with other peopleThe first thing you pay attention the meeting - is a smileIn our clinic, we can make your smile radiant and healthy with the help of modern restoration techniques and dental bleaching. Read more
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In the dental clinic "PRIOR" will help eradicate the problem of morbid abrasion
Many patients with the treatment to the dentist and do not suspect that they have such a pathological process progresses as abrasion. They complain superchuvstvitelnost. Moreover, a similar phenomenon, as studies show, are facing about 12% of people, often pathological abrasion worried men. It can develop in one or more adjacent teeth, and in the whole group of teeth. Read more
One tooth is missing. Do you need something to do?
We often see patients in the absence of one tooth. Moreover, the patient is firmly convinced that there is nothing wrong, especially since doctor from another clinic said - nothing else to do. The patient calms down, gradually adapting to chewing food on the other side, thereby overloading the teeth and joints. Read more
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What is a bracket system?

Bracket system is a removable device, which is a combination of the bracket locks, pipes and Molar arc (circular or square cross-section, individual Multiloop arc). Of all these elements in alignment is the main arc.

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What is toothache and how does it happen?

If you only have initial caries, the toothache will be provoked strong differences of temperature of food or food with pronounced taste like very sweet. This pain is once lost his source. So is sufficient to rinse your mouth with water, a little warmer than room temperature, and the pain goes away. But we must remember that the destruction of the tooth has already started and this pain - it is a signal to seek help from a dentist.

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Recommendations for oral care hygienic
We all know that brushing your teeth is necessary. And to do this we must following some rules. Read more
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Oral health in patients with brackets

Oral health needs during the orthodontic treatment, as in this period increases the risk of tooth decay. Teeth never deteriorate beneath the bracket violation enamel may occur around the bracket and the side surfaces of the teeth as a result of inadequate hygiene. It is important not only to clean the teeth, but also to eat.

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