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In the dental clinic "PRIOR" will help eradicate the problem of morbid abrasion

During the life of hard tissue of teeth partially erased. This is a normal physiological process. We did them bite, chew. But often the teeth fade more quickly. When an intense loss of dental hard tissue suggest pathological abrasion. This condition is not only a cosmetic defect, but also leads to increased sensitivity of teeth - they were responding to any external stimulus, such as hot tea.

Many patients with the treatment to the dentist and do not suspect that they have such a pathological process progresses as abrasion. They complain superchuvstvitelnost. Moreover, a similar phenomenon, as studies show, are facing about 12% of people, often pathological abrasion worried men. It can develop in one or more adjacent teeth, and in the whole group of teeth.

The reasons that can happen loss of hard dental tissues, there are very diverse. Pathologic abrasion often develops inmalocclusion. Depending on the pathology of the bite, may fade as the frontal and chewing of teeth. By the loss of hard tissues causes the phenomenon of bruxism (teeth grinding). Similar effects and is fraught with the absence of some teeth. The result is an overload of the remaining elementary and, as a rule, their erasure. The same ending is possible, if a person faulty design of dentures. Destroys hard tissue and the effects of different acids. They can come into the mouth vomiting, flatulence, as well as from acidic foods.

Pathologic abrasion of hard tooth tissues begins with the decay of enamel, dentin and then. Because enamel is more durable structure, its erasure takes longer than the reduction of dentin, so when exposed dentin, the tooth loses its volume is much faster. In this form the sharp edges that can deliver a lot of inconvenience to the patient, including traumatizing oral mucosa and tongue. Then I face. There is a displacement of the lower third of the face, resulting in a pronounced deepening of nasolabial folds and wrinkles of the lower lip. From these changes affected primarily aesthetic, not to mention the functional disorders.

If this pathology is not treated, it significantly affected temporo-mandibular joint, any pain in his field, worsening hearing. In parallel with the pathological abrasion appears sensitive to temperature stimuli, and then to chemical, mechanical.

The treatment of this disease, depending on the stage and severity of illness, is engaged in the therapeutic and orthopedic dentistry. With timely prevention, when the teeth just started to wear off too active, can be employed as an orthodontic dentistry. That is, if the cause of the disease was malocclusion. Preventive measures consist in wearing orthodontic plates, cap, or bracket, depending on the age of the patient.

If we talk about choosing a treatment, then it is influenced by patient's age and wear of the teeth associated with dental diseases. Therefore, doctors, our clinics, in simple terms explain to the patient the need for prosthesis after surgical procedures associated with the removal of decayed teeth. In preparing the patient for treatment, in a conversation with him, experts insist on a comprehensive treatment, because the formulation of a seal or closure of a cosmetic defect in a marked area will not lead to full recovery. Patients should know that the treatment of pathological abrasion fast can not be. To achieve a good result, you must have patience.

Traditionally, the treatment of pronounced abrasion of teeth, patients are encouraged to wear caps overdrive, as well as restorations photopolymer composites (filling material), but only in cases where no violation of dentition. If such violations in the tooth rows are marked, then resorted to the joint treatment with orthopedist and surgeon.

Also, remember, until the process of pathological abrasion is at the level of enamel, a person does not feel discomfort, therefore, to control the abrasion is needed early professional diagnosis. Treatment, in the first place, should be focused on preventive measures aimed to stop this process. And young people who have abrasion of enamel caused by the habit of gnashing of teeth or severely compress their worth throughout the night to use the Capa to the protection of dentitions. People compressive teeth during the day, must learn to control himself. It is difficult, but possible. Otherwise, erase teeth. The best treatment - is prevention. Let it sounds trite, but it's the truth. And if the process has already started, then the sooner people seek medical attention, the faster and easier to be able to recover his dentition.


There are three stages of abrasion:

  • Physiological stage - appears within the enamel;
  • A transitional stage (just within the enamel), but partially affects dentin;
  • Increased stage manifested within dentin.

There are three degrees of depth of destruction of hard tissues. The first is characterized by complete erasure of the enamel and dentin exposure of which do not reach the equator of the tooth. In second-degree length of crown of the tooth is reduced by one third - two thirds. And in the third degree is a shortening of crown of the tooth more than 2/3 length.

STUDINSKAYA Galina Mikhailovna