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Orthodontics - section prosthetic dentistry dealing with the study of etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the teeth-jaw abnormalities. The clinic "Prior" in Vinnitsa city preferred object of interventions in orthodontics is a chewing machine-language children and adolescents.

Periodontics - this is one of the sections of dentistry dealing with the prevention and treatment of diseases of the supporting apparatus of the tooth - periodontal (gums, periodontal, alveolar bone, cement root - ieisthe organs and tissues surrounding the teeth).
Parents should take care of your baby healthy teeth before his birth. Chronic foci of infection in the mouth of a pregnant woman cause decreased immunity of the whole organism, and this affects the processes of mineralization prenatal milk teeth and permanent teeth primordia formation. Therefore, prevention of dental caries should begin during pregnancy through a balanced, rational nutrition of the mother.

Physiotherapy treatment in the clinic "Prior" in Vinnitsa, in addition to providing a local effect on the pathological process, accompanied by the restoration of the normal flow of a physiological process and contribute to the removal or reduction of pain, improved nutrition oral tissues, resorption of inflammation, normalization of metabolic processes, improve healing of the mucous oral cavity.

Technology "Beyond" - a collection of safe blue radiation and a special gel formula to achieve maximum results of bleaching. "Beyond", a world leader in professional dental systems, developing the safest and most advanced technology for cosmetic dentistry. Numerous clinical studies have confirmed that the system is "Beyond" is an effective and safe way to whiten teeth without any side effects, and returns white smile.
Invisalign - a modern method of treating crooked teeth without braces. For you specially manufactured system removable transparent cap-aligners that will help fix misaligned teeth.
Sedation (with Fr. Sedatif from Lat. Sedatio - sedation) - is the introduction of the drug which helps to relax the patient and hold comfortably all dental procedures.