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Orthopedics :

• Removable prosthetics ;
• Non-removable prosthesis ( non-metal and metal-ceramic crowns );
• Fabrication of removable and fixed prosthetic constructions implant .

Prosthesis - an adaptation for replacing tooth loss .
Prosthetics - a therapeutic process, which Design lost teeth. Methods for examination of the patient are divided into subjective and objective. Subjective survey is based on interviews with the patient, objective results of laboratory and instrumental methods of examination.

Here's what you need to do before prosthesis :
- rehabilitation of the oral cavity;
- Remove plaque ;
- To carry out the treatment of simple and complicated caries ;
- Remove the teeth that can not be treated ;

Reimbursement crowns are made ​​using pin tooth, which is a mandatory part of the pin , part of the root canal , and then an artificial crown .


Requirements before prosthesis :
- The channel should be well passable, and is sealed to the top;
- Channel should protrude above the gum or it must be on a level with it;
- The protruding part of the root, it must have a solid wall that will not be affected by caries .

To avoid such situations, it is necessary to come to the dentist, no less than once every six months. If you have dentures, then you need to come to the dentist, no less than once per quarter.