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Therapeutic treatment

Therapeutic and aesthetic dentistry:

  • Treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis;
  • Endodontics (Root canal treatment);
  • Treatment of pathological tooth abrasion;
  • Restoration of complex anterior teeth;
  • Treatment of gingivitis;
  • Teeth whitening amer. system - BEYOND;
  • Teeth cleaning, professional cleaning;
  • Dental treatment under general anesthesia;
  • Treatment of disabled children;

Unfortunately, not every doctor and every medical facility will treat disabled children with mental disabilities of various forms of severity, mental health problems, the effects of cerebral palsy. And these children (or adults) have to be in normal health care side. But they need help even more than a person with full capacity.

Therefore, our team, led by chief medical officer, has decided to take charge and treat people. We are not afraid of hard work, but on the contrary, by combining the knowledge of doctors perform various dental specialties such treatment with its characteristic zeal, commitment and professionalism.