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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry:

  • Reimplantation;
  • Sealing of fissures (prevention of dental caries);
  • Treatment of primary teeth;
  • Plastic bridles upper lip and tongue;

Parents should take care of healthy teeth your baby even before birth. Chronic foci of infection in the oral cavity of pregnant women causes low immunity of the whole organism, and this affects the processes of prenatal mineralization of primary teeth and the formation of the rudiments of permanent teeth. Therefore, prevention of caries should begin during pregnancy through a balanced, rational nutrition mother.

The first visit your child to the dentist should be confined to first erupting incisors (from 4 to 8 teeth). Then the child should lead to the reception to the doctor at least twice a year. 

Early and regular treatment to the dentist will help detect early pathological processes and to take measures to eliminate them. Preventive methods will help to create a child's positive attitude to the dentist, who will teach children to brush your teeth, hold preventive measures for milk and permanent teeth, and in time will mark the existence of problems or bad habits. Not in any way can not frighten the child, as the fear by a dentist will remain in his life.

In the arsenal of modern pediatric dentistry, there are a number of techniques that can quickly and painlessly to the diagnosis and treatment. The best method of prevention of dental diseases - clinical examination of children, that is, visit the dentist every six months, some at risk children - more often.