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Teeth Whitening

Safe teeth whitening:

For more than 100 years of science whitening develops and proves its safety.

A company Beyond shows qualitatively new measures of security and convenience whitening procedure. The technology of Beyond - a collection of safe blue light and a special gel formula for maximum whitening results.

We are all born with white teeth, but the food that contains dyes and use of beverages such as tea, coffee, cola - leads to the formation of spots on the teeth. Over time, these stains penetrate deep into the tooth structure. These teeth are not bleached by conventional means, therefore, we use advanced technology for desk bleaching, which enable to whiten your teeth, not only outside but also inside.

Beyond, a global leader in professional dental systems, develop the safest and most advanced technology for cosmetic dentistry. Numerous clinical studies show that the system of Beyond is an effective and safe way to whiten teeth without any side effects, and returns white smile.

Device for desk professional whitening emits short intense waves of blue light up 480-520 nanometers. Special optical system eliminates harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays. Whitening gel, which is made up of hydrogen peroxide, and 20-nanometer silicon dvookisi quickly oxidizes the surface 16 and a number of front teeth for a short procedure, restoring their natural whiteness.

Tests show that after a course of bleaching system Beyond, patients have improved the color of teeth 5-14 shades on the Vita scale. None of the other whitening system does not guarantee the same results!

Traditional teeth whitening followed increased sensitivity and deterioration of tooth enamel is in the past!

Sign up for a consultation, come to our clinic Prior and see your dentist more information about the whitening system Beyond. Join the many happy people who have regained their confidence and joy smile!