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Invisalign - a modern method of treating crooked teeth without braces.

Invisalign - a system of removable transparent aligners, which will make for you individually.

How do they work?

1. First we remove the prints for diagnosis in digital form.

2. Then create an individualized treatment plan with the help of a specially developed program Align Technology, Clin Check. At this stage, you can see how your teeth will move, how will change the bite and can look into the future, that is to revise the final outcome of the treatment.

3. At the request of the patient, we can make some adjustments in the treatment plan to achieve the most ideal result.

4. Upon approval of the treatment plan, we will send a request for the production of a number of drops that will transform your smile to perfect!

5. Easy to use, clear, invisible aligners every two weeks will change and move your teeth without discomfort.