Hello We are pleased to meet you.
We - a team of dental clinic PRIOR.

On these pages we will try as much as possible to tell about dentistry, about what it should be, in general, welcome to the web site of our clinic. Read, learn, ask questions, come to us! We are always glad to see you! But most importantly we want to tell you, our patients, as we have for you include:

· First, individually, ie we look at the whole situation in the oral cavity as a whole, the general condition of the teeth, bite, periodontal status, the impact of common diseases, heredity. We will tell you that you are a top priority, and what it can be postponed.

· Secondly, although we do everything that is on today in modern dentistry, we nevertheless are confident that better their own teeth, nothing. Therefore, choosing the method of treatment we will offer you the one who would prefer for themselves.

In other words, we are close, shoulder to shoulder with the patient and decide his dental problems. We are happy when our patients are our friends. We understand that you entrust us with the most expensive - their health. To help you feel younger and more confident for years - our challenge. We know how much discomfort and pain can have a person suffering from problems with teeth, so be sure and treat each patient.

The quality of our work allows us to solve any problems the most demanding patients.

Our doctors are constantly improving, learning and always ready to help you.

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