- Diagnosis of periodontal tissue; 
- Splinting teeth; 
- Treatment of gingivitis; 
- Closed and open curettage of periodontal pockets;
- Bone grafting of periodontal pockets;
- Aesthetic gingivoplasty exposed necks of teeth;

Periodontics - is one of the branch of dentistry dealing with treatment and prevention of diseases of the reference apparatus of the tooth, ie periodontium. Parodont - it gums, periodontal bone alveoli, cement root - ie organs and tissues surrounding the tooth. According to statistics, in Ukraine 86% of adults and 65% of child population suffers from periodontal diseases. Therefore, in our clinic, we attach great importance to treat this type of pathology. The most frequent disease occurring in periodontics - gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease.

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