What is toothache and how does it happen?

If you only have initial caries, the toothache will be provoked strong differences of temperature of food or food with pronounced taste like very sweet. This pain is once lost his source. So is sufficient to rinse your mouth with water, a little warmer than room temperature, and the pain goes away. But we must remember that the destruction of the tooth has already started and this pain - it is a signal to seek help from a dentist.

When tooth decay destroys a tooth significantly closer to the nerve, we have the so-called border state between caries and pulpitis (inflammation of the nerve in the tooth), when acute pain yet, but the canal of the tooth is infected. Unfortunately, it is difficult to diagnose, because you need to understand that having a deep tooth cavity, increasing the risk of pulpitis, even after sealing the tooth.

If toothache spontaneous, sharp attacks, gives the ear, temple - a pulpit. In this case, the pain is also concerned with eating. If you are faced with a similar pain - a drive urgently call for help! Before the visit to the doctor is advisable to take one of the pain medication (nimesil, ibuprofen, ketanov, proteins, paracetamol).

Paracetamol - is only one drug allowed during pregnancy.

Sometimes toothache can subside if the patient tooth attach cold. Coming to us from the pain of this nature, you will after anesthesia for tooth will be placed a temporary seal with drugs that do not contain arsenic, which owns and anesthetic action. As a follow-up visit will be conducted canal filling with subsequent restoration of lost tissues.

Toothache, accompanied by a sense of "ingrown tooth 'inability wink teeth suggests that the inflammation has gone beyond the tooth in its surrounding tissue (periodontal). This periodontitis. Unfortunately, painkillers are powerless, or relieve pain for a very short time. Urgently needed to see a doctor!

Advanced cases of periodontitis treated only tooth extraction. At home (before going to the dentist) slightly ease your suffering warm soda bath (1 tablespoon of baking soda diluted in 1 cup of water), and exclusion of masticatory load on the other side where the tooth.

Coming to us from the pain of this nature, you doctor will anesthetize the tooth, wash channels, give advice and prescribe further treatment.

What can I do with toothache?

Please do not try to put cavity pain pills or cotton swabs with spirituous preparations! This will lead to further irritation nerve (increasing pain), and burn your gums.

Moreover, one should not resort to the so-called "folk methods" (garlic, bacon, cabbage, "conspiracy" toothache, gargle vodka), etc. Do not warm the sick way, this can provoke complications and worsen the disease.

Losing precious time, you may cause irreparable harm to the health of their teeth. Why would you not prefer to get rid of toothache, stay realistic - cure toothache anesthesia fail!

And do not for a long time pondering what to do. Toothache - rush to the dentist!


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