What is a bracket system?

Bracket-system is a removable device that is a combination of bracket locks, tubes on molars and arc (circular or square cross-section, individual multiple-loop straps). Of all the elements in alignment is the main arc.


  Arc changes as the performance of its tasks. One of the new techniques is MTA (multy-arc), it curves individually for each tooth with special tools and provides the necessary movement of the teeth in the 3 planes, "delicate" by acting on bone.




Treatment of bracket system - is the most effective way to correct the bite and alignment of teeth in adolescents and adults.

All kinds of good brackets attached to the teeth without causing any damage. Moreover, the beneficial effects the material for fixing that contains fluoride.


Clinic "Prior" offers various types of brackets:


1) Metal Brackets (medical steel, nickel-titanium alloy, stainless steel, coated with gold, titanium). Our patients under continuous occlusion to eliminate incorrect position of teeth and correctingbites anomalies we offer the most reliable and durable, but also affordable in price orthodontic appliances.





The only disadvantage is their visibility to others.



2) Ceramic Brackets





They refer to aesthetic systems, as well as less visible than metal.

But there are disadvantages: they are inferior in strength, and friction between the arch and slot bracket higher so the treatment continuous. Another disadvantage - a discoloration bracket of food coloring (black tea, coca-cola, chocolate, coffee, etc.).



3) Sapphire Brackets



Brackets consists of a single crystal - artificially grown sapphire





Sapphire braces have the same refractive index of light and saliva. This allows them to "camouflage" on the surface of the tooth and be less visible, they are colored food dyes and retain their shape until the end of treatment. In price terms, they are more expensive than the above described system.


4) A combination of metal and aesthetic systems








This option is a compromise between aesthetics and price.


Orthodontic treatment lasts from 4 months to 2 years depending on the diagnosis. All movement should be dosed to avoid root resorption (reducing the size of the root vertically or horizontally).

After achieving the desired result should fix it by retainer. Period strengthening displaced teeth in the jaw bone can last from 1 year or more. The older the patient, the retention period is longer.



Removable retainer


 Non-removable retainer  




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