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25 june
Dental treatment during pregnancy
Dental treatment during pregnancy 
Damaged tooth in a pregnant woman is highly undesirable because it is a source of infection and chronic intoxication of the organism. Therefore, the expectant mother should visit the dentist in advance and give enough attention to the state of the mouth.
Should not plan a visit to the dentist for the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. But if it does become necessary visit to the dentist, then consider the following:
- X-ray picture must be made using radiovisiograph having minimal exposure. Be sure to use a protective lead apron.
- All actions must be painless, it will provide local anesthesia. General anesthesia is contraindicated in pregnancy.
- Teeth removal plan in a span of 13 to 32 weeks. Wisdom tooth extraction is performed only strictly on the evidence, as a very high risk of complications after removal.
- The belief that teeth treated during pregnancy can not be - wrongly. Healthy teeth mom - one of the factors the proper development of the baby.